Where School is an Edventure!

Highlands Micro School fosters independence, confidence, critical thinking abilities and creativity in a warm and welcoming environment. Our hands-on, ‘whole child’ approach supports each student’s unique qualities and individual learning style for a learning experience that’s compelling, effective and fun!

Highlands Micro School is a progressive, non-religious, independent elementary school in Northwest Denver. Our mission is to harness the joy of curiosity and inquiry, using it to promote problem solving and social skills so that our students may become confident, resourceful community members.

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Openings for children 4 to 12 years old

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Highlands Micro School

– Being small has its advantages. Highlands Micro School is best known for the deeply personalized, hands-on learning that is possible between 24 students and 4 teachers. The magic happens when kids feel seen by the people who care for them and are able to dig into their learning.

– Life is an adventure. School should be, too. At Highlands Micro School, we know field work is real work and that kids learn better when all their senses are involved. That’s why we have an adventure curriculum that takes kids camping, hiking, digging and exploring. Discovering what inspires us is life’s great journey.

– Our learners don’t just meet the standards, they reach their potential. Our expert teachers and commitment to evidence-based instruction means each learner’s education is custom designed to fit their unique profile.

– Some students try to fit in. Ours learn to stand out. At Highlands Micro School, we celebrate what makes our students unique and encourage the expression of their ideas, passions and perspectives. That’s why we call upon students to spend as much as half of the school year immersed in the study of a topic of their choice.

– Yes, we’ve got recess. As traditional schools struggle to push back against the pressure to standardize curriculum and increase test scores, Highlands Micro School learners are spending an hour or more outside every day. We know unstructured play is as important to a child’s development as reading instruction, and you can’t convince us otherwise.

“Imagine a place where your child is always greeted warmly and made to feel welcome with a parent-communication experience that keeps you informed and confident that your child has fallen in love with learning.”

Our Mission

We challenge and inspire each child to discover and reach their true academic, physical and emotional potential by creating a rich and supportive environment where all individuals are respected for their contributions. We are committed to sharing our progressive philosophy by preparing teachers to use evidence-based practices in other educational settings.

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Our Values

Children need high standards, not same standards – High standards convey to children that we believe they are capable of great academic, physical and emotional achievement. Our high standards are student-specific and reflect the interests and abilities of each individual child.

Children have a place in their community – Children are valuable members of their community and have the ability and desire to contribute in meaningful ways. We embrace the use of and service to our community as opportunities for students to explore their growing sense of duty and capacity for impactful involvement.

Students, parents and teachers are a team – By working together, students, parents and teachers create a village to build rich and meaningful experiences where children can discover themselves, their community and their world. Parents are actively encouraged to participate in the classroom and their individual skills and talents help make up our community.

Each child is a deserving individual – We know that each child is unique and has value, so we expect our environment to reflect and support each talent, challenge and style.

Children learn best in an environment that is healthy and safe – The environment is the third teacher, and when attention is paid to all aspects of health and safety, children are free to become their best selves.

Positive peer relationships and a focus on healthy conflict resolution allow students to thrive with emotional security. By encouraging academic risk taking, curiosity and creativity, a child’s mind is able to grow unhindered. A classroom lifestyle of healthy eating habits, positive body image and physical activity lays a foundation for long-term physical and mental health. A child’s environment should be created and maintained with regard for chemical toxicity, clean water and air, and abundant natural lighting.

Curiosity and a love of learning are things worth preserving – Children are born with a powerful sense of inquiry and discovery. We believe these attributes are important indicators of future success and fulfillment, and work to cultivate them by developing interdisciplinary, hands-on curriculum around specific areas of student inquiry.

Hear it from our parents!

“My son started here in August 2020. SUCH a crazy time to start Kindergarten!! I have been SO impressed with how Anne, Susan, Lindsay, Kate, & the entire HMS team has navigated these difficult times. They have worked tirelessly to ensure my son has an AMAZING Kindergarten experience amidst the masks & all of the current things. My son is THRIVING & I’m beyond grateful to this school! ”


“We love this school!! The teachers and staff at this school have done such a great job helping our kids discover their talents and strengths, all while motivating them to learn and grow in areas that they’re not as great or interested. Needless to say, our kids love this school, their teachers, and their friends at this school.”


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